Solid Wood Flooring


For a timeless, authentic look to your home, it’s got to be Solid Wood Flooring.


We stock a huge variety of Solid Wood Floors to suit all budgets and tastes, so come over to our Sheffield showroom to explore our range. Each plank is made from a solid piece of wood, such as Walnut or Oak. Our range also covers more bespoke woods – speak to us for expert advice.

Why Solid Wood Flooring?


We treat every plank to ensure the longest possible lifespan, when treated right most floors will outlive us by some time!


Being fully wood means that you can re-sand and re-finish each floorboard several times, therefore increasing their lifespan even further.


There are no visible gaps due to the tongue and groove fitting method.


If you’re looking for an exact shade of wood we can help achieve this with our low-cost colour matching service.

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