Greenspace is our commitment to our local community and environment.


Our environmental goals are simple and clear:

We are committed to finding the most environmentally and ethically sourced sustainable products from our suppliers.

We put trust in our suppliers to be able to produce great flooring from FSC or PEFC Certified Sources.

We minimise waste and reduce your cost through accurate measuring and ensure that any waste product or packaging is recycled appropriately.

For every floor that we supply we will donate a tree to help improve our local area, teach people about nature and the importance of trees to our environment. In this way we hope to support local schools and charities as well as Sheffield social projects.

If you would like to find out more about working with our Greenspace program then please give us a call on the number below, or pop into the shop.


It is our duty to put back what we take.

After all from Small Acorns do Great Oaks Grow.



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